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Don’t Get MDNA, Get Even

11 Apr

I am aware that this might sound like a moany old man blog, but it has a happy ending so bear with …

I pre-ordered Madonna’s new album MDNA back in January and because I’m a rather sad music fan with not enough happening in my life I was counting down the days by mid-March until it’s release on March 26th.

I had toyed with the idea of staying up until midnight to download it but I realised I’m no longer 14 (I know, shocked me too) and decided to content myself with the knowledge I could download it at 6am in the morning and have the new album on my phone as I left for work at 7.30am-ish.

However when I checked iTunes at 6am for awaiting downloads nothing was there – I fired off a quick email asking what was up and had to leave for work MDNA-less.

Throughout the day people were posting on Twitter and updating on Facebook about their favourite songs, whether they loved the album (most in my timeline did) and which songs they were skipping – before I’d even heard them.

I checked my email just before I finished work at 5pm and still no reply from iTunes – in my experience they are quite good with customer service but like a great ocean liner they can’t always re-act swiftly enough.

I determined that my contract with iTunes was now null and void as the album had been available for download since midnight to all and sundry and here was I 17 hours into the day and still without a go ahead to download the album .. so I went to HMV and got the physical CD – at £13 it was £5 more than iTunes but at last I had the album in my hands.

I finally got an email from iTunes saying my pre-ordered album was now ready for download at 6.50pm – almost 19 hours into the day and they took the £7.99 out of my account too.

It’s obvious from comments on iTunes that I wasn’t the only one that this happened to – some fans have left 1star reviews for the album based not upon the songs (which on the whole are I think rather good) but because they had to wait until almost 7pm to download the pre-ordered album.

I think giving the album a bad review because iTunes f**ked up the download is insane – they should have done as I did and explain to iTunes the importance of having downloads instantly – instant downloads is their business after-all, not only did I get a full refund on the album, I got 5 song credits – worth £4.95 to my account and I kept the iTunes exclusive track – Love Spent (Acoustic).